Michele Macfarlan, Aiden Whitney-Johnson, Virginia Taylor

With media inevitably comes regulation, as is seen exemplified over various platforms throughout the history of mass media. Mass media has the ability to present ideas in new, dynamic ways, but with this power comes backlash, as many have strong opinions on just how far the media should be able to go. Media seemingly cannot exist without controversy, and ultimately regulation is created to try and formulate media that everyone can find a connection to. Our project worked to examine different forms of media regulation over the years, specifically in the categories of broadcasting, print, and Internet, as well as determine their effectiveness going forward. Taking various case studies, regulations, and other instances throughout the history of media, we have created concise timelines of regulatory media events that ultimately shaped the media into what it is today.

Each page has a short introductory paragraph about the form of media, followed by an interactive timeline.  For many of the Supreme Court cases, the timeline event only includes a description of the decision, rather than the case itself.  For further information on the facts of the case, a link can be found below the timeline description that will forward the reader to a site outlining the facts of the case.  Furthermore, a key terms page has been created to provide definitions for some of the legal terms that one may encounter through the timelines.